Genomics Sustainable Solutions

Our multidisciplinary team contributes to development of transformative approaches that harnesses cutting-edge technologies and novel computational methods to address global challenges in sustainability and health.

Our team is passionate about creating a better future for society by seamlessly integrating diverse biological information and pioneering advancements in healthcare and sustainable practices. By leveraging cutting-edge genomics and integrating multi-omics data from microbes, plants, and humans, we aspire to unlock hidden insights into complex biological processes. Our ultimate goal is to identify personalized, efficient, and sustainable solutions that will benefit humanity on a large scale.

Our key approaches are:

  1. Pangenomic methods
  2. Spatial and long-read methods for complete genomics
  3. Graph-methods for integration of multiple biological levels
  4. Structural variant discovery
  5. Single-cell multi-omics

Our projects have far-reaching applications in multiple domains:

Precision Fermentation: By integrating cutting-edge genomics and multi-omics data, our approach can identify and help optimize key genetic elements and metabolic pathways in microorganisms.
Strain improvement: Using advanced computational methods, we can analyse microbial genomes to identify genetic variations and mutations associated with desirable traits, such as increased product yield, enhanced tolerance to stress, or improved substrate utilization.
Natural product discovery: Our integrated approach can also aid in the discovery of novel bioactive compounds and molecules with potential industrial, pharmaceutical, and agricultural/food applications.
Diseases: By understanding complex biological processes, we aim to revolutionize disease diagnosis, treatment, and prevention, offering hope for better healthcare outcomes.

Collaboration and Engagement
Collaboration is central to our approach. We actively engage with stakeholders, including global research projects, industries, and beyond, to ensure that our discoveries are translated into tangible benefits for people worldwide. Together, we can create meaningful impacts on global health and sustainability.

Join Our Team
As we strive to make a real difference in the world, we are expanding our team. We are hiring talented individuals at all levels who share our passion for innovation and transformative change. If you are interested in contributing to cutting-edge research and shaping the future of sustainability and healthcare, we encourage you to reach out to us.
Together, let's transform the future and create a better world for generations to come.

The Genomics Sustainable Solutions group is located at The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability, DTU Biosustain and it is headed by Senior Researcher Shilpa Garg.


Shilpa Garg
Senior Researcher
DTU Biosustain