Pre-pilot plant

Pre-Pilot Plant

Taking research closer
to market


Our Pre-Pilot Plant, called PPP, works with all aspects of bio-processes from cell performance optimisation, best practice fermentation strategies, scale-up and -down as well as in-process control analytics, separation and purification.

The Pre-Pilot Plant (PPP) is a translational research and development core section focused on bioprocess development and commercialisation of bio-based products from ideation to first prototype production. The objective of the PPP is to attract and collaborate on both academic research, as well as industry-developed projects that fit the mission and vision of the Center.

Pre-pilot plant

sustainable innovation Office

Assessing sustainability: Sustainable Innovation Office

The Sustainable Innovation Office is a multi-disciplinary unit, responsible to assess innovations in improving the current state of production, while simultaneously enhancing economic and environmental performance, inherent to the products.



The Sustainable Innovation Office (SIO) is an integrative unit dedicated to discovering opportunities and screening technologies, possessing the potential to contribute towards increased sustainability via bio-based production of chemicals, materials and food. Learn more in the link below.