High Density Physiology

The High-Density Physiologic (HDP) group is an integrated & applied research group with an aim to accelerate the development of the so-called ‘fermenterphiles’, i.e. micro-organisms with scale-tolerant or deaf-dumb-blind (DDB) phenotype.

Scale-up of microbial fermentation processes are challenging as different environmental conditions across scales impact cell physiology, which in turn affect key process parameters such as product titer, rate and yield.

The proposed HDP effort aims at understanding the scale-dependent, environment specific insight of microbial metabolism by a combination of three different approaches, i.e. Biological understanding, Bioprocess engineering and Biological engineering. The HDP effort relies on a strategy built from the strengths of CFB's first years of operation and filling the gaps that bridge academic and industrial effort in developing a Scale-Independent-Strain technology.


Suresh Sudarsan
Senior Program Manager
DTU Biosustain
+45 93 51 17 77