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The Centre focuses on educating the next generations of young scientists within the cross-field of biotechnology and data science, in order to contribute to the Danish biotech-ecosystem with highly skilled scientists and future leaders.

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Student projects

Bachelor and Master students from Danish and international universities can do a research project at the Centre. The projects are registered as a special course (10-20 ECTS) or Master thesis (30-60 ECTS). If you cannot find a suitable project in the list below, do not despair! You can also formulate a project in dialogue with a supervisor. You can also search for all projects at DTU in the DTU project database,

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Course highlight:


Introduction to Python for Data Analysis and Automation in Biology

It focuses primarily on Python as a tool for data analysis and automation, deemphasizing parts that are relevant to software development only. Furthermore, participants are provided with knowledge about data analytics and relevant machine learning methods, including best practice approaches, troubleshooting and avoiding common pitfalls.
FBM course

Introduction to Biomanufacturing

Would you like to kick-start your understanding of modern day industrial biotechnology? This course covers the basics and state-of-the-art methodologies with a diverse of university teachers and industry guest lectures. Allow yourself a crisp and compact deep-dive into our day’s technologies, approaches and stories, that shape Life Science and biomanufacturing today, in Denmark and abroad.


Looking for a PhD position?We got you covered.

We strive towards attracting the best PhD students worldwide and give them the best opportunities to succeed. With over 60 PhD students enrolled at the Center from all over the world, we offer an international environment with a lot of social activities, good mentoring agreements and top-notch lab equipment.

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