Pre-Pilot Plant

The Pre-Pilot Plant (PPP) is a unique translational research and development asset that operates as a core section at our Center. We bring the process from Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 3 up to 6, thereby crossing the innovation Valley of Death. Our expertise covers upstream development and downstream development, together with in-process control analytics.

Commercial-level performance
At the PPP, we utilize various operational units capable of accelerating and developing cell-factories and bioprocesses towards early commercial-level performance. Our international and interdisciplinary staff consists of technicians, engineers, and scientists.

Partnerships with Industry
We actively collaborate with industrial partners who have decades of production and manufacturing experience to provide scalable solutions that can be implemented at industrial scale or at Commercial Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs).

Innovative technologies
We develop and employ a broad range of innovative technologies, including automated liquid-handling robotics, data capture, management, monitoring, and visualization as well as a wide range of in-process-control analytics for both online and offline measurement.

  • Upstream development
    Our fermentation and cultivation platforms span the entire range from plate-based primary and secondary screening technologies to automated high-throughput cultivation platforms and various scale stainless steel scale-up and scale-down bioreactor systems.
  • Downstream development
    PPP is equipped with various unit operations for separation and purification of desired products, from laboratory scale to pilot scale. We operate solid-liquid separation, crossflow filtration techniques, liquid-liquid separation, evaporation and simple distillation, homogenization, chromatography columns and screening units. For prototype formation and product development we deploy crystallization and precipitation or freeze- and spray-drying.

The group is headed by Ann Dorrit Enevoldsen and is located at Lyngby Campus, building 220, 2nd floor, room 220


Pre-Pilot Plant

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