Open Science

Open Science (OS) is a principle to make research results accessible to all benefiting researchers and society by promoting transparency, collaboration, and the efficient dissemination of knowledge. 

DTU Biosustain is committed to OS and our approach is in line with DTU’s full commitment to Denmark’s National Strategy for Open Access, aiming for 100% access to all peer reviewed publications by 2025.

The Centre takes many concrete steps to support OS, beyond the publishing and FAIR data guidelines, such as: 

  • Access to our unique Adaptive Laboratory Evolution (ALE) platform and Pre-Pilot Plant (PPP) for external researchers in industry and academia.
  • Engagement of the Biofoundry and Informatics Unit OS initiatives through the BioRoboost community and the Global Biofoundries Alliance.
  • Use of open-source scientific software (e.g., Python, R, Stan, C) to support such initiatives and to share all developed software (e.g., through Github).
  • Development of OS initiatives, such as openCOBRA, which provides easy access to Constraint-Based Reconstruction and Analysis (COBRA) and antiSMASH, the leading Biosynthetic Gene Cluster mining software, and distribute many of our molecular tools, such as CRISPR toolkits, vectors etc. for free. 

To remain informed and align with efforts at the DTU, Denmark, and EU levels, we have compiled a catalogue of resources regarding OS. This is not a comprehensive list; however, it provides an overview of many of the policies, strategies, and guidelines that are relevant to the work at DTU Biosustain. 

open science