Technology and Tools


Enabling the development of the know-how and technologies that are needed for the transformation of industrial production to sustainable bio-based processes, we use an integrated workflow to engineer microbes that serve as sustainable producers of many compounds.

We engineer microbial production hosts that serve as cell factories, producing the desired molecules that replace unsustainable petroleum-based counterparts. We do this by studying, creating, developing, and using: i) technologies in silico, in vitro and in vivo; ii) high-quality data generation and analyses, machine learning and artificial intelligence; and iii) genome-scale metabolic modelling, synthetic biology, biochemistry, and all classical tools of molecular and cell biology.

Our workflow
Our basic and translational research activities are conducted in: i) the Biofoundry, which integrates omics technologies and the design-build-test-learn cycle; ii) the three research areas Natural Products, Microbial Foods and Sustainable Chemicals and iii) the Pre-Pilot Plant which develops
bioprocesses and commercialization of bio-based products.

All the centre activities are tightly integrated via the Informatics Platform, which provides cross-centre support structures facilitating exchange of data, analyses, and interpretation.