Inaugural Lecture - Jakob Søndergaard Jensen

Thursday 07 Aug 14

"...... with three new staff members to be employed during the Autumn of 2014; one at DTU Elektro and two at DTU Mek, the future looks very promising for CAMM " Jakob Søndergaard Jensen


Invitation to Inaugural Lecture

On January 1st, 2014, Jakob Søndergaard Jensen started as a professor at DTU Electrical Engineering where he is heading the new centre for acoustic-mechanical micro systems. (CAMM) 

At Jakobs inaugural lecture, which will take place on August 22nd, 2014, he will present an overview of his previous research activities and link it to the new research activities at the centre. 

Jakobs background in dynamics of linear and nonlinear mechanical structures, combined with the application of topology optimization in both mechanics, acoustics and acoustic-mechanical interaction, makes him ideally suited to leading the research at CAMM.

""There are so many interesting scientific challenges in this area - it is a dreamland for a researcher" "
Jakob Søndergaard Jensen

CAMM focuses on precompetitive research within mechanics, acoustics and acoustic-mechanical interaction for objects at the micro-scale. Advanced dynamics and optimization is an important part of the future research.

The CAMM centre is partially funded by the three large hearing aid Companies; GN Resound, Widex and Oticon and will have staff members from both DTU Elektro and DTU Mek.

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