Foto taget før coronakrisen af Joachim Rode
01 APR

DTU increases Rigshospitalet’s testing capacity

To increase the number of coronavirus tests, Rigshospitalet will enter into an agreement with DTU, which has equipment for and experience in quick and secure handling of...

05 MAR

New software tool fosters quality control of genome-scale models of metabolism

The lack of common standards and problems with reproducing and verifying existing datasets are widespread in the biotech community. However, a new tool named Memote paves...

Photo credit: Joachim Rode
26 FEB

DTU spin-out produces biochemicals out of sugar

DTU spin-out Cysbio has developed technology that can produce selected biochemicals through a simple fermentation process of sugar. This will limit use of fossil resources...

19 FEB

Research shows the way to more efficient EPO production

EPO, an important drug for treating anemia, can now be produced in higher quantities and with better quality in mammalian cells designed using CRISPR.

Biotechnology and biochemistry Cells
17 FEB

Antioxidant in mushrooms may relieve features of ‘pregnancy hypertension’

A new study in rats suggests that the natural antioxidant L-ergothioneine could alleviate the characteristics of pre-eclampsia. Researchers at DTU Biosustain work to produce...

Biotechnology and biochemistry
15 JAN

New Biosustain Magazine out now!

In this issue, we focus on how big data and new promising tools such as ALE contribute to the development of sustainable alternatives to petrochemical production.

14 JAN

Life Cycle Assessment of bio-chemical production

New research concerning Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) reveals challenges and opportunities in bio-chemical production.

Bacteria and microorganisms Fermentation Biotechnology and biochemistry
DTU indgår aftale med BioInnovation Institute om vækstmiljø for biotech-spinouts
08 JAN

New agreement on growth environment for biotech spin-outs

DTU has entered into an agreement with the Bioinnovation Institute to establish research groups in a new growth and funding environment for biotech spin-outs.

Biotechnology and biochemistry Innovation and product development Entrepreneurship
20 DEC

ALE: A method for rapid improvements in biotech

Researchers have looked through studies about Adaptive Laboratory Evolution (ALE) in industrial biotech and show that ALE, if used smartly, can efficiently improve production...

Biotechnology and biochemistry Bacteria and microorganisms Biological systems Cells
13 DEC

Markus Herrgard hired as new CTO of BioInnovation Institute

On January 6, Director of Data Science and Automation at The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability (DTU Biosustain), Markus Herrgard, joins BioInnovation...

12 DEC

Sheila Ingemann Jensen rewarded for impactful research

Jorck's Foundation has just rewarded Senior Researcher Sheila Ingemann Jensen from DTU Biosustain with 500,000 DKK.

29 NOV

’Batman’ yeast makes fruity, milky food flavours

Researchers have engineered yeast to make fruity, milky flavours in a one-step process. Making these lovely smelling flavours involves bat genes and can make production...

Biotechnology and biochemistry Biological systems Enzymes and proteins Fermentation Genes and genomes Cells
13 NOV

Bio-pheromones successfully tested in field trials

The EU-funded OLEFINE project has now proven the efficacy of non-toxic, non-chemical bio-based pheromones both in the laboratory and in field trials. Pheromones are...

Biotechnology and biochemistry Cells Fermentation Ecosystems
11 NOV

Potential vitamin and Alzheimer’s drug produced in yeast

Scientists prove that ergothioneine, an important compound that may be used to delay the onset of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, can be produced in baker...

Biotechnology and biochemistry Bacteria and microorganisms Enzymes and proteins Fermentation
Zostera marina. Photographer: Christian Bille Jendresen
04 NOV

Eelgrass acid produced by cell factories for the first time

Scientists are now able to produce a wide range of sulfated aromatic compounds such as antifouling eelgrass acid, resveratrol and vanillic acid derivatives using microbial...

Biotechnology and biochemistry Bacteria and microorganisms Biological systems Enzymes and proteins Fermentation Synthetic biology Organic chemistry
DTU High Tech Summit 2019
28 OCT

How can Big Data and AI contribute to more sustainability?

DTU High Tech Summit is launched this week, and DTU Biosustain has a track on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in connection to sustainability. The hope is that Big...

Helle Krogh Johansen, Rigshospitalet pressefoto
18 OCT

60 Million DKK for research in persistent bacterial infections

The Novo Nordisk Foundation has granted 60 Million DKK to a research project that will use miniature organ models to study persistent infections.

Bacteria and microorganisms Health and diseases Artificial organs Physiological modelling
Christian Bille Jendresen - Cysbio
16 OCT

Taking the big leap from academia to business

Christian Bille Jendresen has taken the big leap from academia to business in the start-up Cysbio – a company originating from DTU Biosustain. Today, he is Director...

09 OCT

CRISPR-BEST prevents genome instability

Scientists from The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability has developed CRISPR-BEST, a new genome editing tool for actinomycetes. It addresses the problem...

Biotechnology and biochemistry

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