Start-ups & Spin-outs

The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability actively promotes entrepreneurship and
encourages the formation of new ventures around our technologies. Hence, we seek funding for such ventures from investors who bring credibility, experience and expertise to the table. We also grant licenses and take equity in start-up companies to develop early-stage technology into commercially successful products.


June | Ergosyn Ltd.

Ergosyn is upscaling and producing biobased Ergothioneine with the aim of selling that as a supplement.



May | Nordhavn Manufactory ApS
Nordhavn Manufactory is a fermenting food producer entwined with the New Nordic movement and putting circularity into action. Products is aimed to be a true exercise in tast, organic produce, localism and resourcefulness. 

May | Scicular Aps

Scicular is focusing on on creating fermented whole-food products containing a balanced nutritional profile.

March | NeuImmune Inc.

NeuImmune is developing vaccines and protein therapeutics through precision glycoengineering and using a proprietaty delivery technology.

February | Conarium Bioworks Inc.

Conarium Bioworks is upscaling and producing biobased Melatonin with the aim of selling that both as a supplement and as a therapeutics.



March | Unseen Biometrics ApS

Unseen Biometrics has developed software solutions in the field of genome-scale metabolic modelling for the industrial biotechnology industry.


February | SecondCircle ApS

With the aim of a circular CO2 economy, SecondCircle has developed organisms capable of biological COcapturing and

conversion into valuable chemicals.






November | Enduro Genetics ApS

Enduro Genetics has developed a proprietary platform for large scale bioproduction use ensuring homogeneity of cultivated populations and using product addiction resulting in radically optimized production strains for the customers with higher yields/titers as a result together with other additional benefits.


November | Dum Data

Dum Data is developing a simple and easy to use LIMS System. 


June | Artisan Bio ApS/Artisan Development Labs Inc. 

Artisan is developing T-cell therapeutics using its ability to engineer the target cell genome with custom modifications at high efficiencies and on-target precision and in a clinically compatible process.


April | Accelerbiotics ApS 

Development of a high-throughput electrophoresis platform for use in the pharma/biotech, bioindustrial and analytics segments.


March | Chrysea Ltd

Chrysea has developed a synthetic biology platform for production of naturally occurring small molecule compounds. Focus is on delivering products to enable wellness and successful ageing, but also play a potential role in providing prescription medicines addressing unmet needs associated with age-related diseases.


February | CysBio ApS

CysBio is a start-up that uses metabolic engineering and synthetic biology approaches to construct bacterial cell factories for transforming the production of biochemicals from renewable feedstocks. Focus is on amino acids for food, feed and pharma and precursors for polymers.


January | Mycropt IVS

Mycropt offers tailored solutions for biotech, biopharma and research companies that wants to improve their protein production or diversify their product portfolio. The unique platform technology assists customers with the production of novel, difficult-to-express targets and enhance the yield of existing products.






September | Octarine Bio IVS

Octarine Bio has developed a unique biosynthetic platform for engineering microorganisms to produce a range of natural and novel cannabinoid and psilocybin derived molecules with improved pharmacokinetic and therapeutic properties.






December | Simo ABJ

December | Utility Therapeutics Ltd.
Utility Therapeutics is focused on developing and commercializing antibiotics in the US to treat multi-drug resistant bacterial infections. Utility has licensed two antibiotics from LEO Pharma.

August | Lactobio ApS

Lactobio is developing probiotic and postbiotic solutions for improving/balancing the skin microbiome.

June | Hemostasis ApS

Development of therapeutics for prevention and treatment of bleeding in elective surgery and trauma settings.

April | PreDiagnose IVS

PreDiagnose is developing a point-of-care device with disposable sensing-array that can detect bacterial infections in patient samples immediately after infection. The technology is capable of instant microbial identification that is faster, cheaper and more reliable than existing methods. 

March | eCoute IVS

Development of an app making it possible to listen to abstracts from published scientific papers instead of time consuming reading on a PC resulting in enhanced productivity. 



December | CloneOpt AB
CloneOpt is developing a technology to optimise expression clones used in protein production resulting in significantly higher yields.

November | ODity IVS
ODity is developing an innovative laboratory device measuring the growth of cells non-invasively enabling both speed-up and cost reduction in the bioindustrial research segment.

October | BioPhero ApS

BioPhero is a start-up within synthetic biology and metabolic engineering of yeasts. The focus is on providing low-cost bio-based pheromones for pest management. 





November | Clinical-Microbiomics A/S

Clinical Microbiomics offers expert microbiome analysis for clinical, pre-clinical and animal health studies including DNA extraction, sequencing and profiling, and biostatistics linking the microbiome to clinical data and outcomes.

June | SNIPR Biome Ltd. 

SNIPR Biome is pioneering a novel use of CRISPR/Cas technology to selectively eradicate target bacteria, while leaving the rest of the patient’s microbial community intact.   




June | Sira Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Sira Pharmaceiuticals is developing Nerve Growth Factor fusion proteins for improving nerve growth regeneration and/or survival. 

February | Biopetrolia AB

Biopetrolia is developing unique microbes for sustainable production of specialty fatty acids from sustainably-sourced raw materials.






December | Biosyntia ApS

Biosyntia is a start-up within synthetic biology and metabolic engineering having a unique technology and world-leading fermentation processes for production of various B-vitamins and selected nutraceuticals.

March | Labster ApS

Labster is developing and delivering fully interactive advanced laboratory simulations that use gamification elements such as storytelling and scoring systems inside an immersive and engaging 3D universe. The system integrates easily with the already available learning management systems and is used worldwide.






October | UNION Therapeutics A/S

UNION Therapeutics is a pharmaceutical company dedicated to the development of a class of molecules exhibiting both immuno-modulatory and microbiological effects. Focus is on the treatment of inflammatory skin disease.