Sustainable Innovation Office


Sustainable Innovation Office

The objective of the Sustainable Innovation Office (SIO) is to guide innovation at the Centre, by understanding, quantifying and potentially decreasing the broader set of impacts of bio-based technologies. This multi-disciplinary unit is responsible to assess opportunities in improving the current state of production, while simultaneously enhancing economic and environmental performance, inherent to the products.

The unit supports the Centres’ vision and commercial aspirations, by providing insights on economic viability, environmental impacts and market intelligence to relevant research units and stakeholders. The quantitative assessments undertaken by SIO are broadly classified into two categories: 1) Screen innovative projects and products where biotechnology can be a viable alternative. 2) Guide the development stages of fundamental research at the organisation and collaborating stakeholders.

The unit consolidates capabilities in developing decision support methods for consistently integrating Techno-Economic Analysis (TEA) and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) at various Technology Readiness Level (TRL’s). This involves dynamic assessment of projects throughout its development stage, and iterating with avenues for optimisation towards allocating research investments. In parallel, the unit develops and maintains a set of quantitative toolboxes and databases that supports assessments for projects. 


Vision and mission of the Sustainable Innovation Office

The Sustainable Innovation Office has two missions:
1) Inspire, foster and support innovation at the Centre, at DTU and the surrounding Danish bio-economy;
2) Drive, guide and develop technologies and impact through assessment of economic, commercial and sustainable criteria. Both missions are possible through collaboration with partners across the value chain and product lifecycle, e.g. DTU corporate support, TechTransferOffice and Legal and DTU departments (e.g. Management, Entrepreneurship).

The mission and vision of this Office also depend on investment and funding opportunities in Denmark and abroad, as well as collaboration with incubators and business developers (e.g. the BioInnovation Institute) and finally customers, partners and colleagues in industrial and academic organisations. Our office plays a significant role in the industrial outreach mission of the Centre. In order to attract, discover, and evaluate potentially innovative outputs, the Sustainable Innovation Office assesses and evaluates commercial potential, IP, and technical quality aspects of candidate translational projects and ideas.

This assessment includes three main criteria:
1) a starting-with-the-end-in-mind philosophy;
2) the risk assessment and value proposition for the Centre;
3) the desired socio-economic impact.

This process has already been developed in the Translational Core (2018 onwards) and is continued to identify the most promising, the most innovative, and the most impactful opportunities.The Office further provides guidance to the research groups on freedom to operate analysis, notification of inventions/patenting, commercialisation and associated legal issues and supports project management implementing our “starting-with-the-end-in-mind” philosophy.We aim to improve young scientists’ innovation skills and manage the continued development of the Centre’s IP portfolio with sustainable efforts.