Research Data Management

The overarching goal of the RDM team is to support research efforts by expanding the technology infrastructure, supporting higher through-put, enable efficient big data collection, processing, and analysis, as well as the exchange of data with collaborators.

This goal is founded on the FAIR principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re-usable), which play an integral part of the research culture at the Center and is the basis for our vision of becoming a leader in FAIR data management.

To become a leader in FAIR data management, you need a diverse set of skills, which is why we at DTU Biosustain have created a diverse team to carry out this task, consisting of specialists in data science, laboratory workflows, software development and data architecture.

The general tasks of the RDM team consist of:

  • Continuously develop and maintain the integrated informatics platform, and thereby eliminating data silos.
  • Continuously develop and maintain software applications backing RDM, to further accelerate digitization and support research.
  • Integration of compliance initiatives into the platform and software applications, enabling compliance by default.
  • Continuously support and further the FAIR mindset as part of the research culture.

Most importantly, the RDM team can only function efficiently, because of the interactions and feedback from the researchers that use the informatics platform in their daily work. Because of them we will move to the forefront of FAIR research data management.