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The Centre’s research activities support our mission of offering sustainable products for sustainable lifestyles. Our research activities fall under three categories: Sustainable Chemicals, Natural Products and Microbial Foods.

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Scientific Tools

Plasmids, CRISPR tools, software and more

We are dedicated to open science. Therefore, we have developed several scientific tools accessible to others in the scientific community. Please visit our scientific tool box and learn more.

Scientific tools

Research groups:

Bacterial Cell Factories, Alex T. Nielsen

Bacterial Signal Transduction, Ivan MIjakovic

Bacterial Synthetic Biology, Morten Sommer

Cell Architecture, Ryan Gill

Enzyme Engineering and Structural Biology, Ditte H. Welner

Flux Optimisation and BioAnalytics, Douglas B. Kell

Genome Engineering, Morten Nørholm

Infection Microbiology, Søren Molin

Natural Products Genome Mining, Tilmann Weber

Quantitative Modelling of Cell Metabolism, Lars K. Nielsen

Synthethic Biology Tools for Yeast, Michael K. Jensen

Systems Environmental Microbiology, Pablo I. Nikel

Yeast Metabolic Engineering, Irina Borodina

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