The Executive Management Team

Bo Skjold Larsen

Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operational Officer

The CEO defines and leads the execution of the overall strategy. The COO is responsible for the day-to-day management and has the final decision regarding DTU compliance and integration. He acts as a liaison to DTU and NNF regarding operations and reports to external stakeholders on the Center's performance and operations. Furthermore, he coordinates and evaluates all management tasks.

Bo S. Larsen has served as COO since Feb. 2011 and took on the role as CEO in August 2022.

Andreas Worberg

Chief Commercial Officer

The CCO is responsible for the Pre-Pilot Plant – i.e. overseeing the bioprocesses and strain design for the production of chemicals – for product commercialisation as well as for the establishment of collaborations and partnerships with industry and academia. Andreas Worberg joined the EMT in Aug. 2018 and has acted as CCO from April 2020.

Dina P. Nielsen

Chief Scientific Officer and Chief Partnership Officer

The CSO coordinates all basic research activities; defines scientific and technological priorities; is an ambassador for DTU Biosustain in scientific and technological communities; identifies large funding opportunities; and provides scientific mentoring to support spin-outs resulting from our research. Jens Nielsen and Lars K. Nielsen are former CSOs. Dina P. Nielsen joined the EMT in 2021.

Jochen Förster

Chief Technology Officer

The CTO manages the Center's technical platforms, including the Biofoundry. The CTO is responsible for delivering the data generated into the Informatics Platform, monitors technological advances and makes decisions about equipment purchases and implementation of workflows. Lars K. Nielsen is former CTO. Jochen Förster joined the EMT in 2023.