DTU Biosustain consists of six organisational pillars and is lead by an EMT composed of the heads of each pillar together with the CEO. The EMT is supported in strategic matters by the DTU Provost and two external advisory bodies.

Provost & The Steering Committee
The Steering Committee consists of the DTU Provost (Chair), the Centre’s CEO as well as two external members. The Committee oversees that the Centre acts in accordance with the grant conditions stated in the Grant Agreement and that our operations are in alignment with DTU’s overall values, mission and goals. The Steering Committee meets three times per year.

The Executive Management Team
The CEO is responsible for the execution of the Centre’s mission and mainly addresses topics at a strategic level. The Executive Management Team (EMT), consisting of the CSO, CTO, CIO, CCO, COO and CPO, undertakes the day-to-day management of their respective organisational pillars, and all members report to the CEO. 

Scientific Advisory Board
The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) consists of seven external advisors appointed by the Steering Committee. The SAB assists the CSO and CTO on a number of topics: 1) reviewing Group Leaders’ performance; 2) conducting a pre-review of DTU Biosustain's overall performance, ahead of external CFB reviews; 3) reviewing the established technology platforms and infrastructures; 4) advising on new emerging technologies and opportunities within the footprint of CFB; 5) serving as ambassadors for DTU Biosustain. A new SAB will be appointed in 2022.

Organisation chart - EMT

Organisational chart

Executive Management Team

Chief Executive Officer

Bernhard Palsson

Bernhard Palsson


The CEO defines and leads the execution of the overall strategy. He acts as a key liaison to the Novo Nordisk Foundation on strategic issues and as an external ambassador. Further, he manages a strategic budget and the performance and activities of Genome Analytics and Genome Design. Bernhard Palsson has been the CEO since Jan. 2011.



Chief Operational Officer

Bo Skjold Larsen

Bo Skjold Larsen


The COO (Chief Operations Officer) / Deputy Director is responsible for the day-to-day management and has the final decision regarding DTU compliance and integration. He acts as a liaison to DTU and NNF regarding operations and reports to external stakeholders on the Center's performance and operations. Furthermore, he coordinates and evaluates all management tasks. Bo S. Larsen has served as COO since Feb. 2011.

Chief Technical Officer

Lars Keld Nielsen

Lars K. Nielsen


The CTO manages the Center's technical platforms, including the Biofoundry. The CTO is responsible for delivering the data generated into the Informatics Platform, monitors technological advances and makes decisions about equipment purchases and implementation of workflows. Lars K. Nielsen is former CSO (2019-2020) and took on the role as CTO in April 2020.



Chief Information Officer

Evelyn Travnik

Evelyn Travnik


The CIO is responsible for the development of the Informatics Platform. The CIO selects and implements suitable technology to streamline research and development processes, increase workflow efficiency, and ensure data quality and security. Furthermore, she analyses IT costs, value, and risks as well as implements data management policies. Evelyn Travnik joined as CIO in Aug. 2017.


Chief Commercial Officer

Andreas Worberg

Andreas Worberg


The CCO is responsible for the Pre-Pilot Plant – i.e. overseeing the bioprocesses and strain design for the production of chemicals – for product commercialisation as well as for the establishment of collaborations and partnerships with industry and academia. Andreas Worberg joined the EMT in Aug. 2018 and has acted as CCO from April 2020.



Chief Scientific Officer and Chief Partnership Officer

Dina Petranovic Nielsen

Dina P. Nielsen 


The CSO coordinates all basic research activities; defines scientific and technological priorities; is an ambassador for CFB in scientific and technological communities; identifies large funding opportunities; and provides scientific mentoring to support spin-outs resulting from our research. Jens Nielsen and Lars K. Nielsen are former CSOs. A new CSO will be announced beginning of 2021.

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