Organisation DTU Biosustain fall 2020


The Center is organised as a hybrid academic-translational research institute that can efficiently interact with commercial concerns and create new start-up and spin-out companies. DTU Biosustain consists of five organisational pillars and is lead by an EMT composed of the heads of each pillar together with the CEO. The EMT is supported in strategic matters by the DTU Provost and two external advisory bodies.

Provost & The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee consists of the DTU Provost (Chair), the Center’s CEO as well as two external members. The Committee oversees that the Center acts in accordance with the grant conditions stated in the Grant Agreement and that our operations are in alignment with DTU’s overall values, mission and goals. The Steering Committee meets three times per year.

The Executive Management Team

The CEO is responsible for the execution of the Center’s mission and mainly addresses topics at a strategic level. The Executive Management Team (EMT), consisting of the CSO, CTO, CIO, CCO and COO/CCoO, undertakes the day-to-day management of their respective organisational pillars, and all members report to the CEO. Read more about the members of EMT here (link).


The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) consists of seven external advisors appointed by the Steering Committee. The SAB assists the CSO and CTO on a number of topics: 1) reviewing Group Leaders’ performance; 2) conducting a pre-review of CFB’s overall performance, ahead of external CFB reviews; 3) reviewing the established technology platforms and infrastructures; 4) advising on new emerging technologies and opportunities within the footprint of CFB; 5) serving as ambassadors for CFB. A new SAB will be appointed in 2022.