The Centre is lead by an Executive Management Team (EMT) headed by the Chief Executive Officer. The EMT is supported in strategic matters by two external advisory bodies, a Steering Committee and a Scientific Advisory Board.


The Centre's Steering Committee consists of members from the DTU leadership and relevant industrial stakeholders. The Scientific Advisory Board consists of international members who are leaders in their respective fields of scientific research.

The Executive Management Team has four members and is headed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), who also serves as the Chief Operations Officer (COO), and consists of the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), the Chief Scientific Officer (CSO), who is also the Chief Partnership Officer (CPO), and the Chief Commercialisation Officer (CCO). 

The Centre’s C-suite management structure contrasts that of a conventional university department. It reflects the mission-drive and applied nature of our focus, organisation, processes, and responsibilities.

The Centre works as visualised in the below organogram. Click here for a bigger version 

From our Annual Meeting 2023. Photo AB Elkjaer