Examples of collaborations

Novozymes - DTU partnership: Sustainability assessment of selected Novozymes’ biosolutions

A partnership between DTU Biosustain, DTU Sustain and Novozymes.

DTU and Novozymes have entered a partnership to develop and apply a methodology to assess the sustainability performance of selected enzymes, alternative proteins and microbial-based products (hereafter “biosolutions”) from Novozymes. In this joint effort, both partners exchange information and data as well as jointly advance scientific methods to assess the environmental and socioeconomic sustainability performance of marketed biosolutions and future products in the commercialization pipeline from Novozymes.

This project aims to demonstrate the sustainability impact of selected biosolutions applications by estimating their ability of reducing environmental impacts, compared to conventional alternatives to address the world’s challenges. The partnership aims to help understand how bio-based solutions can replace unsustainable products and technologies, while not exceeding humanity’s planetary boundaries for different environmental aspects, such as climate change.

The Cultivated B - DTU Biosustain partnership: Partnering to Enhance Bioreactor Technology

The Cultivated B (TCB) and DTU Biosustain have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to validate and enhance TCB’s AUXO V® bioreactor technology. This collaboration focuses on improving scalability, efficiency, and sustainability in bioproduction through rigorous user testing and feedback from operational staff, researchers, and startups.

CEO of DTU Biosustain Bo Skjold Larsen says: “This partnership accelerates progress in bioreactor design, combining academic expertise with practical insights to drive innovation and societal impact”. Dr. Hamid Noori, CEO of The Cultivated B, adds: “We aim to push the boundaries of biotechnological innovation by integrating user feedback into our development process”.

About The Cultivated B (TCB): TCB develops technologies in cellular agriculture, precision fermentation, and bioreactor engineering. They support various industries, aiming to minimize resource use and promote sustainability.

Andreas Worberg

Andreas Worberg Chief Commercial Officer