ProUSER vectors

The ProUSER vector collection is a set of vectors that facilitates fast and efficient USER cloning, without the need for PCR amplifying the backbones or promoter sequences.

The vector-backbones are based on the widely used pSEVA collection, which enables easy swapping of antibiotic resistance cassettes and origin of replications. A variety of ProUSER reporter vectors containing an inducible promoter and a fluorescent protein (either GFP or mCherry) are further available for fast screening of the applicability of various promoters in bacteria. The vectors are currently available upon request from the authors.


References: Calero P, Jensen SI, Nielsen AT (2016) Broad-host-range ProUSER vectors enable fast characterization of inducible promoters and optimization of p-coumaric acid production in Pseudomonas putida KT2440. ACS Synt. Biol. 5:741-753

Contact: Prof. Alex T. Nielsen or Dr. Sheila I. Jensen


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