CRISPR toolkit for Actinomyces

The CRISPR toolkit for Actinomyces includes both classic CRISPR-Cas9 related and CRISPR base editing based genetic manipulation tools for Actinomyces.

All plasmids are avaliable at Addgene. Furthermore, the toolkit is complemented by the sgRNA design software CRISPy-web.


pCRISPR-Cas9 (Addgene: 125686) can be used to generate deletion libraries by a single transformation; or to generate seamless deletion/insertion by providing editing templates.


pCRISPR-Cas9-ScaligD (Addgene: 125688) can be used to introduce small InDels.


pCRISPR-dCas9 (Addgene: 125687), CRISPRi, can be used to modulate transcriptional activity of target genes.


pCRISPR-cBEST (Addgene: 125689) and pCRISPR-aBEST (Addgene: 131464) can be used to convert C:G basepairs to T:A basepairs and A:T basepairs to G:C basepairs, respectively.


CRISPR toolkit for Actinomyces

Figure: The CRISPR toolkit for Actinomyces.



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