Big Data 2 Knowledge

High-throughput data generation and genome sequencing have a transformative impact in the field of biology. The Center leverages these technologies through the development of methods to extract knowledge from high-throughput data.

The Big Data 2 Knowledge section has three primary focus areas:

  • Develop modelling methodologies to better predict the behaviour of biochemical networks
  • Integrate protein structures with genome-scale models
  • Develop big data analytics capabilities and requisite software to facilitate the strain design process

Continued development of modelling and data analytics methods will ensure that the Center remains at the cutting edge of computation-driven design and analysis of production strains.

The Big Data 2 Knowledge section is located at the University of California, San Diego and it is headed by Professor Bernhard Palsson and scientists Daniel Zielinski and Zachary King.

More information is available at the SBRG Website


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