Bacterial Synthetic Biology

The group is focused on the development of new approaches and technologies for accelerating cell factory development and stabilising favourable production phenotypes.

We develop synthetic networks that sense intracellular metabolites and control cellular processes. These systems are deployed to discover novel genes and pathways as well as to optimise cell factories for increased chemical production. Initially, our work is focused on developing proof-of-concept for these principles. However, the technology will gradually be deployed towards the development of commercially relevant cell factories.

In addition to this work, we conduct genome wide studies on the factors influencing phenotypic stability in E. coli. We are interested in understanding the pathways by which cells expressing heterologous pathways or specific enzymatic activities can destabilise high yielding production phenotypes. We use this information to construct more robust production strains.

Headed by Scientific Director, Professor Morten Sommer


Morten Otto Alexander Sommer
Scientific Director
DTU Biosustain
+45 21 51 83 40