Cell Architecture

The Cell Architecture section works with developing technologies within genome engineering. The technologies span the entire iterative biotechnological cycle consisting of the steps: design, build, test and learn.

The group aims at developing genome engineering technologies that address society's growing need for engineered cells, which spans a broad range of application areas including human health, sustainability, novel materials, the microbiome and the environment among others. The vision is to develop and disseminate such technologies in manners that result in rapid adoption and generate broad and significant impact. 

The particular efforts focus on:

  • Design: Development of computational aided design software that spans mathematical modelling to complex genome engineering workflows
  • Build: Multiplex gene – genome editing and engineering strategies
  • Test: Multiplex DNA sequencing and barcoding approaches that connect specific designs to specific assay results
  • Learn: Computational strategies for Test data evaluation that informs subsequent DBTL cycles

 The Cell Architecture section is located at The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability, DTU Biosustain and it is headed by Scientific Director Ryan Gill