ALE lab

ALE Technology & Software Development

The Adaptive Laboratory Evolution (ALE) Technology & Software Development Group harnesses the power of biology to self-optimise under selective pressures and applies this concept to obtain strains with useful industrial and applied phenotypes.

With the rise of whole genome sequencing, automation and bioinformatics, we have built a powerful comprehensive platform to go from a selectable feature or concept to a fully characterised strain with desirable features and a defined and interpreted genotype.

The major features of our platform include: 

  1. Robotics and Automation
    1. Hardware with multiple iterations and upgrades
    2. Process Control Software
      1. Suites of Modules for different Section Pressures
      2. Algorithms to optimize start up and termination criteria
  2. Bioinformatics
    1. Mutation database for rapid dissemination and interpretation
    2. Mutation calling pipeline with QC
    3. Genome-scale models to predict and interpret evolution outcomes
  3. Experience and Knowhow
    1. Several successful use cases and applications
    2. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) followed for various experiments
    3. Strain phenotyping and omics data generation
    4. Leadership of over 25 person-years and >50 peer-reviewed publications

The goal of the Adaptive Laboratory Evolution (ALE) Technology & Software Development Group is to utilize laboratory evolution in the design and build phase of the strain construction process, as well as to uncover key unknowns in relevant microbial species, efficiently to discover and generate what is not possible with other approaches.


Adam Feist
Senior Researcher and Co-PI
DTU Biosustain
+45 21 79 88 66