05 FEB

Demonstration of Fuel Cells for Private Homes

Fuel cells efficiently convert gas into electricity and heat. Fore private homes fuel cells are integrated in combined heat and power units - so-called micro-CHPs. These...

Fuel cells Energy production Energy systems Electricity supply
27 NOV

PowerLabDK and Spirae in new Copenhagen Cleantech promotion video

The Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster and the partners supports the mission is to secure continuous growth for cleantech companies by developing new projects and initiatives...

Energy systems Electricity supply Climate change
21 NOV

Milestone for PowerLabDK: Demonstration of Commercial Smart Grid Control Platform

On Friday Nov. 8th the researchers from CEE and Spirae demonstrated a new milestone capability for PowerLabDK: Spirae's BlueFin (R) control platform and their multi-asset...

Electricity supply Energy systems Climate change Solar energy Energy efficiency
18 NOV

ForskEl has selected three promising CEE-projects for funding

The ForskEl program has announced its plan for support in this year’s call. Three out of four selected projects within Smart Grids field originate from Center of Electric...

Electricity supply Climate change Energy systems Solar energy Energy production Energy efficiency
17 NOV

Women in Power - IEEE-ISGT EU 2013

Noel Schulz, chairman of the IEEE Power and Energy Society gave a dynamic and enthusiastic speech on the theme of network creation. Noel presented a clear message at the...

Energy systems
30 OCT

New EcoGrid EU report about smartgrid project on Bornholm

 ”New EcoGrid EU report: From Design to Implementation.” report is about the EcoGrid EU project.  A large-scale demonstration of consumer participation in the balancing...

Electricity supply Climate change Energy systems Solar energy Energy production Energy storage Energy efficiency
03 OCT

Scientific breakthrough turns the trusty and very stable doped ceria into Mr...

A team of scientists from DTU Energy Conversion at the Technical University of Denmark has recently made a scientific breakthrough which will add a whole new dimension...

Energy Energy systems
11 SEP

Private homes get micro fuel cell-based systems in the basement

The two first micro fuel cell-based combined heat and power (FC-CHP) units have been officially installed in Germany (Homburg and Munich) by two companies of the European...

Fuel cells Electricity supply Energy efficiency Climate change Energy systems
09 SEP

Four days about smart energy systems

DTU Elektro is proud to host the 4th European Innovative Smart Grid Technologies (ISGT) Conference where more than 600 delegates are expected to attend. The Conference...

Energy Energy systems
18 JUN

DTU President Anders Bjarklev visits EcoGridEU family at Bornholm

During “Folkemødet“ - The People Meeting at Bornholm, the venue where Danish politicians, interest organizations and citizen meet to debate current political issues, DTU...

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