13 JUN

Ten researchers receive grants for 'wild' experiments

VILLUM FONDEN is giving ten researchers up to DKK 2 million (EUR 268,000) each in funding to explore novel ideas. The money is earmarked for innovative and ‘wild’ ideas...

Biotechnology and biochemistry Energy Physics Information technology Medicine and medico technology
14 JUN

InnovationsFonden grants DKK14 mio for new project

InnovationsFonden was established as of 1 April 2014 by bringing together research, technology development and innovation grants from the Danish Council of Strategic Research...

Electrotechnology Energy Environment and pollution Medicine and medico technology Wind energy Construction and mechanics IT systems Innovation and product development
14 JUN

Nordic Power Converters at the Cleantech Bazar at DTU on 22 May 2014

Nordic Power Converters is a soon-to-be spin-off company from DTU Elektro, specializing in cheap, small and efficient power converters.

Electrotechnology Energy Medicine and medico technology Wind energy
12 JUN

Overwhelming interest for online-course ”Organic Solar Cells – Theory and Practice...

With 19.000 registered online students, the interest for the course "Organic Solar Cells - Theory and Practice" under DTU Energy Conversion has been overwhelming.

Energy Climate change Solar energy
12 JUN

New partnership between Danfoss and CEE at DTU Electrical Engineering

Danfoss and Center for Electric Power and Energy have entered into a strategic partnership with international ambitions. The purpose of the partnership is to create innovative...

Electrotechnology Energy Wind energy
03 JUN

From waste to Value with the Danish Ceramic Society

DTU Energy Conversion is host when the Danish Ceramic Society June 12 has a thematic meeting with the topic "From waste to Value" in Niels Bohr Auditorium at DTU Risø...

Fuel cells Materials Superconductors
DTU Energy Conversion attended with two booths at Cleantech Bazar 2014
28 MAY

Business people, scientists and investors showed a great interest in DTU Energy...

DTU Energy Conversion attended with two booths at Cleantech Bazar 2014 in Oticonsalen at DTU Lyngby Campus.

Energy Fuel cells Electrochemistry Energy production Energy storage Energy efficiency
27 MAY

The world's eyes are set on EcoGrid – again

EcoGrid is chosen as 1 out of the 12 best pilot projects

Electrotechnology Energy Wind energy
23 MAY

Nissan V2X Forum at PowerLabDK

On 22 May 2014, the Nissan 2nd V2X forum took place at PowerLabDK using the Power Flexhouse and the SYSLAB infrastructure

Electrotechnology Energy Wind energy
22 MAY

Prof. Pierre Pinson, CEE, on the list of the 40 brightest new-energy pioneers...

On 12 May 2014 The Recharge Magazine – one of the leading publications and news sources for the renewable energy industry globally – released a list of the world’s 40 leading...

Electrotechnology Energy Entrepreneurship Innovation and product development
22 MAY

Need a new fuel cell? Let’s print one using inkjet printing!

Researchers at DTU Energy Conversion has transformed an ordinary HP 1000 ink jet printer into a printer able to print efficient energy conversion devices such as Solid...

Energy Fuel cells
21 MAY

iPower Conference about Smart Grid in Residential Buildings

On 13-14 May 2014 the iPower project held the bi-annual consortium meeting – this time hosted by AAU in their Copenhagen facilities. The focus of the conference was research...

Electrotechnology Energy Wind energy
15 MAY

International PhD Summer School: IMAGINE

25 – 29 August 2014, international summer school at DTU Energy Conversion.

Energy Solar energy Fuel cells Electrochemistry Energy storage
12 MAY

Board generators in heavy vehicles to be replaced by regenerated exhaust heat

A new European research project, “TEG for Energy Efficiency in Heavy Vehicles”, will develop and demonstrate an efficient and inexpensive thermoelectric generator to harvest...

Energy Energy production Energy efficiency Physics
Prof Andreas Roosen holdt tiltrædelsestale
09 MAY

Andreas Roosen appointed honorary professor at DTU Energy Conversion

Professor Andreas Roosen from the Department of Materials Science at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany, becomes the first Honorary Professor at DTU Energy...

Energy Energy efficiency
06 MAY

The problem-solver became a hot export success

Researchers from DTU Energy Conversion developed a small printing press to solve the problem of making enough test material - a so-called 'mini roll coater'. The problem...

Energy Solar energy
29 APR

Environmentally sustainable fuels from waste materials from food production

Petroleum-based fuels and chemicals contribute to the production of greenhouse gases and are a limited resource. In a PhD project at the National Food Institute, Technical...

Biotechnology and biochemistry Bioenergy Biological systems Energy Climate change Food, fish and agriculture Food technology
29 APR

Workshop on Hydrogen Safety - the road to a common framework

The Danish Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells, DTU Energy Conversion and FCH Test Center invites to "Workshop on Hydrogen Safety - the road to a common framework...

Fuel cells Electrochemistry
16 APR

Polymer solar cells may lift the curse of Spot Pricing from renewable energy

Project Megawatt intends to make polymer solar cells profitable enough to allow power generation from polymer solar cells to compete on market terms with traditional coal...

Solar energy
DTU Energy Conversion at Hannover Messe 2014
10 APR

An insiders report from the Hannover Messe

The HANNOVER MESSE presents the newest innovations, global trends, developments and technologies and DTU Energy Conversion participates with a delegation. One of them...

Fuel cells Electrochemistry Electricity supply
07 APR

Studies in degradation of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells are vital to market entry

Studies in degradation of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells are vital to market entry. Project SOFC Life found a major contributor to the degradation processes of SOFC.

Fuel cells
02 APR

PhD defence on the topic of alternative fuel production

The National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark, invites you to Johan Alftrén’s PhD defence on development of methods to produce alternative fuels. The defence...

Biotechnology and biochemistry Bioenergy Food production Food technology
01 APR

Carbon and iron may be able to substitute platinum in fuel cell catalysts

A recent discovery may lead to the substitution of platinum in catalysts for PEM-fuel cells with a composite of iron carbide and carbon, making the PEMFCs significantly...

Fuel cells
01 APR

Joint European Summer School on Fuel Cell, Electrolyser and Battery Technologies

The Joint European Summer School JESS 2014 on Fuel Cell, Electrolyser and Battery Technologies will be held 21.-27. September 2014 in the beautiful Greek city of Rethymno...

Energy storage Electrochemistry Fuel cells
05 MAR

Thermoelectric generators for use in space and human bodies

DTU Energy Conversion is part of a research consortium to develop thermoelectric harvesters for use in both the human bodies and in spacecraft.

Energy production Energy efficiency Physics
26 FEB

Denmark needs the ability to store energy in the future energy system

A new report points out that the ability to store large amounts of energy will be paramount for the future sustainable energy system.

Energy storage
25 FEB

The CTS group in PPFE wins large FPA for ITER

PPFE is going to develop the CTS diagnostic for ITER that will have the primary objective to diagnose fast ion behavior across the plasma radius in ITER.

11 FEB

Dennis Valbjørn Christensen received DFF EliteForsk travel scholarship

Dennis Valbjørn Christensen from DTU Energy Conversion was one of 20 talented PhD students who were last week awarded a grant of DKK 300,000 by Education and Research Minister...

Micro and nanotechnology Energy
07 FEB

Efficient recovery justifies silver’s use in solar cells

An article in the journal Chemistry World praises prof. Frederik C. Krebs and his team for the first real scale study of recycling polymer solar cells which reveals that...

Solar energy
05 FEB

Demonstration of Fuel Cells for Private Homes

Fuel cells efficiently convert gas into electricity and heat. Fore private homes fuel cells are integrated in combined heat and power units - so-called micro-CHPs. These...

Fuel cells Energy production Energy systems Electricity supply
28 JAN

Tailoring crystals for better performing batteries

Efficient energy storage using batteries has increasing importance to the energy sector. A new European research project will aim to improve performance of batteries...

Energy storage
23 JAN

Danish Korean PEM Fuel Cell Network

Research institutions and private companies in South Korea and Denmark have established the Danish Korean PEM Fuel Cell Network. The network addresses specific technological...

Fuel cells Energy efficiency
23 JAN

New Research into Energy Efficient Production of Pressurized Hydrogen

DTU Energy Conversion and Haldor Topsøe A/S have received funding from the Danish Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Programme to research into energy efficient...

Fuel cells Electrochemistry Energy efficiency
21 JAN

Drej på batterierne til fjernbetjeningen/turn the remote control batteries

Lektor Ole Ravn udtaler sig til Jyllands-Posten om, hvorfor det er smart at dreje batterierne i fjernbetjeningen. In an article in the newspaper Jyllands-Posten Associate...

Electrotechnology Energy
16 JAN

New, inexpensive biomass conversion method

In today's world, we are dependent on oil, but scarce natural resources require us to find new resources to produce fuel, materials and medicine. However, Associate Professor...

Physics Organic chemistry Energy Climate change
27 NOV

PowerLabDK and Spirae in new Copenhagen Cleantech promotion video

The Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster and the partners supports the mission is to secure continuous growth for cleantech companies by developing new projects and initiatives...

Energy systems Electricity supply Climate change
26 NOV

Danish Korean PEM Fuel Cell Workshop succesful

The Section for Proton Conductors co-organized the Danish Korean PEM Fuel Cell Workshop, held in Seoul, Korea, the 18 th  – 19 th of November 2013.

Fuel cells Energy production
22 NOV

Professor Tejs Vegge lectures in Danskernes Akademi on National Television

Professor Tejs Vegge, DTU Energy Conversion, who is also project leader at DTU CASE, and the former leader of CASE Søren Dahl are the following two Sundays lecturing in...

Energy production Energy storage
21 NOV

Milestone for PowerLabDK: Demonstration of Commercial Smart Grid Control Platform

On Friday Nov. 8th the researchers from CEE and Spirae demonstrated a new milestone capability for PowerLabDK: Spirae's BlueFin (R) control platform and their multi-asset...

Electricity supply Energy systems Climate change Solar energy Energy efficiency
18 NOV

ForskEl has selected three promising CEE-projects for funding

The ForskEl program has announced its plan for support in this year’s call. Three out of four selected projects within Smart Grids field originate from Center of Electric...

Electricity supply Climate change Energy systems Solar energy Energy production Energy efficiency
17 NOV

Women in Power - IEEE-ISGT EU 2013

Noel Schulz, chairman of the IEEE Power and Energy Society gave a dynamic and enthusiastic speech on the theme of network creation. Noel presented a clear message at the...

Energy systems
05 NOV

Research center 4M approaching a market of 6 billion euro

There are an estimated 14 million oil-fired boilers in the EU, a huge market worth 6 billion euro if someone finds a way to substitute the oil-fired boilers with a smarter...

Fuel cells Electricity supply Energy efficiency
31 OCT


PetroChallenge is a simulation event held online at Danish secondary schools

Raw materials and raw materials exploitation Fossil fuels
30 OCT

New EcoGrid EU report about smartgrid project on Bornholm

 ”New EcoGrid EU report: From Design to Implementation.” report is about the EcoGrid EU project.  A large-scale demonstration of consumer participation in the balancing...

Electricity supply Climate change Energy systems Solar energy Energy production Energy storage Energy efficiency
03 OCT

Scientific breakthrough turns the trusty and very stable doped ceria into Mr...

A team of scientists from DTU Energy Conversion at the Technical University of Denmark has recently made a scientific breakthrough which will add a whole new dimension...

Energy Energy systems
01 OCT

Kurt Engelbrecht and his colleagues have won ' Best Paper of the Year'

Kurt Engelbrecht, Dan Eriksen, Christian R.H. Bahl, Rasmus Björk, Jørgen Geyti, Jaime A. Lozano, Kaspar K. Nielsen, Finn Saxild, Anders Smith and Nini Pryds from DTU Energy...

Energy production
11 SEP

Private homes get micro fuel cell-based systems in the basement

The two first micro fuel cell-based combined heat and power (FC-CHP) units have been officially installed in Germany (Homburg and Munich) by two companies of the European...

Fuel cells Electricity supply Energy efficiency Climate change Energy systems
09 SEP

Four days about smart energy systems

DTU Elektro is proud to host the 4th European Innovative Smart Grid Technologies (ISGT) Conference where more than 600 delegates are expected to attend. The Conference...

Energy Energy systems
06 SEP

Invitation - Danish Korean PEM Fuel Cell Workshop

Welcome to the Danish Korean PEM Fuel Cell Workshop Seoul, November 18-19, 2013 Free participation

Fuel cells Energy production Climate change
04 SEP

Roskilde Sustainable Lab

  Center for Electric Power and Energy, DTU Elektro, was represented at this year’s Sustainable Lab at the Roskilde Festival with one of the Department’s electric vehicles...

Electronics Energy storage
Hængekøje med solcelleoversejl. Copyright: Alexandra Instituttet og Infinit
30 AUG

Curtains, hammock and Sun Cinema - Flexible solar panels from DTU have many uses

The summer showed many creative uses of DTU's flexible plastic solar cells. The Smuk Fest at Skanderborg developed a festival hammock with a solar canopy while a mobile...

Solar energy
Lars Cleemann tester brændselsceller
15 AUG

German giant's goodbye to fuel cells opens for new Danish jobs

The German group BASF is reducing its fuel cell research, but Danish companies and researchers are poised to take over a growing market for energy technologies.

Fuel cells Fossil fuels
10 AUG

PROSOFC aims for more reliable Fuel cells

DTU Energy Conversion is part of PROSOFC, an EU-funded research project, which aims to find a way to produce more reliable fuel cells. PROSOFC has a budget of 7.35 million...

Energy Fuel cells
01 AUG

Prof. Schmidt is paving the way for shared knowledge

Professor Thomas Justus Schmidt from Switzerland is currently visiting DTU Energy Conversion on an Otto Mønsted guest professorship.

Energy storage Fuel cells Electrochemistry Energy production
25 JUL

New research is investigating more efficient ways of utilizing solar energy

Sunshine from a cloudless sky, as we have experienced it these past days, provides the ideal conditions for a Concentrating Solar Power plant, CSP. At DTU Mechanical Engineering...

Construction and mechanics Power stations
24 JUN

PPFE host for Kick-off Workshop for new EFDA-project

PPFE hosted a two-day a Kick-off Workshop for a new EFDA-project on “Global modelling of Scrape-off Layer, SOL, dynamics in magnetically confined plasma” on June 11 – 12...

18 JUN

DTU President Anders Bjarklev visits EcoGridEU family at Bornholm

During “Folkemødet“ - The People Meeting at Bornholm, the venue where Danish politicians, interest organizations and citizen meet to debate current political issues, DTU...

Energy systems
13 MAY

Ammonia is nothing like Lithiumbatteries – or is it?

Two articles researchers from DTU Energy Conversion and partners published in "The Journal of Chemical Physics", vol. 138, p. 164701, 28th of April 2013, and "The Journal...

Energy storage Energy efficiency Energy
03 MAY

Invitation to PhD Defence with Ana Faria Tomas Friday 17th May at 1 p.m.

Section: Residual Resources Engineering. Topic: "Optimization of bioethanol production from carbohydrate rich wastes by extreme thermophilic microorganisms"

Waste management CO2 separation and CO2 storage Climate change Ecosystems Bacteria and microorganisms Biological systems Bioenergy Energy efficiency
18 APR

SEEIT Workshop on Lifelong Learning

University of Oldenburg will be hosting a workshop on ‘Lifelong Learning in Renewable Energies’ on the 25th of April.

13 FEB

PhD Defence with Davide Tonini from Residual Resources Engineering (RRE)

Topic: ”Environmental assessment of energy production from waste and biomass”. Date: Tuesday 26th February 2013, at 1 p.m.

Waste management CO2 separation and CO2 storage Climate change Air pollution Bioenergy Energy efficiency

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