13 JUN

Ten researchers receive grants for 'wild' experiments

VILLUM FONDEN is giving ten researchers up to DKK 2 million (EUR 268,000) each in funding to explore novel ideas. The money is earmarked for innovative and ‘wild’ ideas...

Biotechnology and biochemistry Energy Physics Information technology Medicine and medico technology
12 MAY

Board generators in heavy vehicles to be replaced by regenerated exhaust heat

A new European research project, “TEG for Energy Efficiency in Heavy Vehicles”, will develop and demonstrate an efficient and inexpensive thermoelectric generator to harvest...

Energy Energy production Energy efficiency Physics
29 APR

New Center is Raising the Bar

Audacity to go after the most intriguing scientific problems and the willingness to engage in original thought without losing sight of the stakeholders needs will be the...

Physics Analytic and theoretical chemistry Organic chemistry
08 APR

MIND the Gap

'The basic research in the understanding of structure-function relationship of metalloproteins might be highly relevant for the discovering of new drugs that might change...

Physics Analytic and theoretical chemistry Inorganic chemistry
27 MAR

Chinese award to Hairun Guo

Hairun Guo, 3 rd year PhD Student in the Ultrafast Nonlinear Optics group receives the Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad from the...

26 MAR

Chinese award to Xiaolong Zhu

Xiaolong Zhu, PhD Student in the Structured Electromagnetic Materials group receives the Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad from the...

26 MAR

Jingjing Zhang Board member on Nature's Scientific Reports

Jingjing Zhang, Assistant Professor in the Structured Electromagnetic materials group, has been appointed board member of Nature’s Scientific Reports.

14 MAR

LED lighting for the protection of art objects

DTU Fotonik is experiencing an increase in demand for LED lighting in museums. Now, the players in the museum industry are gathering to design a general guideline for museum...

05 MAR

Thermoelectric generators for use in space and human bodies

DTU Energy Conversion is part of a research consortium to develop thermoelectric harvesters for use in both the human bodies and in spacecraft.

Energy production Energy efficiency Physics
20 FEB

CAPEC-PROCESS Industrial Consortium Annual Meeting 10-12 June 2014

The CAPEC-PROCESS Industrial Consortium Annual Meeting 2014 will take place on Wednesday 11 and Thursday 12 June. We will start on Tuesday 10 June with a CAPEC-PROCESS...

11 FEB

Dennis Valbjørn Christensen received DFF EliteForsk travel scholarship

Dennis Valbjørn Christensen from DTU Energy Conversion was one of 20 talented PhD students who were last week awarded a grant of DKK 300,000 by Education and Research Minister...

Micro and nanotechnology Energy
10 FEB

The right light

This year, DTU Fotonik’s annual LED conference focuses on Museum Lighting. Based on our success with new lighting for the Crown Jewels, museums are demonstrating a keen...

07 FEB

DOLL Quality Lab now open

The 15th of January, 2014, saw the official opening of DTU Fotonik’s new characterization laboratory in Roskilde for LED products, DOLL Quality Lab.

07 FEB

Eliteforsk Travel Stipend to Pernille Klarskov Pedersen

DTU Fotonik’s PhD Student Pernille Klarskov Pedersen has been awarded the Eliteforsk Travel Stipend given by the Danish Ministry of Education and Research.

03 FEB

DKK 16 million for new NMR facilities at DTU

The VILLUM FOUNDATION has just granted DKK 16 million for next-generation NMR research at DTU - a project including investments in NMR equipment for studies of organic...

Physics Organic chemistry Micro and nanotechnology
17 JAN

VILLUM Young Investigator Programme grant to Elizaveta Semenova of DTU Fotonik

QU antum dot E nergy level E ngineering for laser applicatio N s on InP and Si platform s ( QUEENs ) N ature is not a temple but a workshop, and man...

17 JAN

VILLUM Young Investigator Programme grant to Nika Akopian of DTU Fotonik

Quantum network of artificial atoms Postdoc Nika Akopian has received VILLUM FONDEN’s Young Investigator Programme grant of 2013. The grant is for DKK 4 million and...

16 JAN

New, inexpensive biomass conversion method

In today's world, we are dependent on oil, but scarce natural resources require us to find new resources to produce fuel, materials and medicine. However, Associate Professor...

Physics Organic chemistry Energy Climate change
16 DEC

Mini-Picker robot with sensor optics from DTU Fotonik

Small, inexpensive, and flexible robot systems for small businesses present a major automation challenge for robot developers: bin-picking. Denmark’s Advanced Technology...

19 NOV

Talent Prize to Mette Marie Johansen - Women in Physics

Mette Marie Johansen is awarded the KIF 2013 talent prize for ground breaking studies on instabilities in rod fiber amplifiers. Her work comprises fundamental science...

25 SEP

Anja Boisen receives innovation grant from the European Research Council

Professor Anja Boisen from DTU Nanotech has received a “Proof of Concept” grant of 1.1 MDKK from the European Research Council (ERC).

12 SEP

EOS 2013 postdeadline paper - new techniques for brain exploration

Jesper Glückstad, Mark Villangca, Andrew Banas and Darwin Palima had their postdeadline paper accepted at this year's EOS Topical Meetings in Italy 12-14 September. ...

13 AUG

Biological laser from DTU Nanotech highlighted by Nature Photonics

A new laser made partly from biological material has been developed at DTU Nanotech. This is an important step towards an all-biological laser which could be used e.g...

30 MAY

DTU Nanotech part of a new 10 MDKK HTF project

Associate professor Mads Brandbyge from DTU Nanotech participates in the project "Nano-Scale Design Tools for the Semiconductor Industry" which has just received 10 MDKK...

Micro and nanotechnology
08 MAY

DTU Environment participaters in EU-project in Wastewater Epidemiology: SEWPROF

The purpose of the project is to develop a interdisciplinary and  intersectorial Research Capacity for the next genrerations of researchers, who works with Wastewater Epidemiology...

Waste water and water discharge Water supply Micro and nanotechnology
22 APR

Earth Day highlights – according to SPIE

In celebration of Earth Day 2013, SPIE has highlighted four new photonics solutions. DTU Fotonik’s “Next generation lighting” is one of the four.

Lasers Light sources
19 APR

Results featured in the high-impact journal Nanophotonics and at several conferences

Recent research results from DTU Fotonik’s Structures Electromagnetic Materials group and their colleagues from Center for Nanostructured Graphene (CNG) were featured...

Materials Micro and nanotechnology
10 APR

How to describe a metamaterial in quantum optics

Associate Professor Martijn Wubs and his colleagues at DTU Fotonik have discovered a way to look beyond the refractive index of metamaterials with quantum states of light...

Quantum theory and atomic physics Materials
25 APR

World Cultural Council Awards to Nano Researcher

Every year the World Cultural Council grants special recognitions to a select number of talented researchers who early in their careers have had international impact through...

Micro and nanotechnology Nanoparticles
24 NOV

Environment award to associate professor Anders Baun

The Environmental Award 2008 has been given to associate professor Anders Baun, DTU Environment and NanoDTU by the Aase & Ejnar Danielsens Foundation. The award (250...

Micro and nanotechnology Nanoparticles
04 AUG

DTU Environment researchers in Nature Nanotechnology

In a commentary in Nature Nanotechnology researchers at DTU Environment questions whether industry, government and scientists are successfully applying lessons learned...

Micro and nanotechnology Nanoparticles

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