Nano Professors from DTU Environment in the media about Risk Assessment of Nano materials in consumer products

Friday 15 Nov 13

The government and Enhedslisten has taken an initiative  to establish a database with the purpose of mapping the use of nano materials in consumer products.

Professor Anders Baun and Steffen Foss Hansen, Associated professor at DTU Environment provides some perspectives on this issue.

In the morning television -  DR2MORGEN:
You can find the spot on Search for : DR2 Morgen - med Niels Krause-Kjær og Anja Bo 13.nov. Start at 53:54 minute

In an article on DR News Paper:
On you can Search for: Regeringen vil bruge 24 millioner på et nano-register

Nanodatabase can give you more answers:
To learn more about existing nano products on the market, you can use The Nanodatabase from TÆNK to get an overview of
Risk Assessment of public health and environmental hazards of existing Products.

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