Andreas Roosen appointed honorary professor at DTU Energy Conversion

Friday 09 May 14

Professor Andreas Roosen from the Department of Materials Science at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany, becomes the first Honorary Professor at DTU Energy Conversion.

Andreas Roosen has been appointed as the first honorary professor of DTU Energy Conversion. This was done in recognition of his dedicated research in materials science and engineering as well as his many years of good cooperation with DTU Energy Conversion.

“DTU is very well known for the high quality of research, but my personal first contact with DTU Energy Conversion was some years ago when I met Senior Researcher Andreas Kaiser at a conference,” Andreas Roosen said during his inaugural lecture in which he acknowledged the good partnership with DTU.

“I hope that we can continue mixing our ceramic knowledge for many years in the future.”

The new honorary professor at DTU Energy Conversion continued his inaugural lecture speaking about “Manufacture of Particulate Structures in the Micrometer Range by Printing and Coating Techniques”, followed by a small reception at the Niels Bohr Auditorium on the DTU Risø Campus.

The main topics were printed electronics as an emerging technology in which electrically functional devices are generated by printing methods using organic or inorganic substances.

He spoke about how printing of organic or inorganic components is a low cost process in contrast to silicon technology and vacuum deposition techniques, and he discussed processing issues like dispersion and stabilization of nano-sized powders to achieve homogenous and deagglomerated slurries, pastes and inks of suitable concentration and rheological behavior.

The lecture was followed intensely by the researchers at DTU Energy Conversion and led to many questions and discussions, before he left DTU Risø Campus in the company of the director of DTU Energy Conversion, Søren Linderoth, to participate in the DTU Commemoration Party 2014.

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