Honorary award presented to Professor Torsten Dau

Thursday 13 Mar 14
by Eva Helena Andersen

On Friday March 7 Professor Torsten Dau from Hearing Systems was celebrated at an award ceremony at DTU. Manufacturer Ulrik Brinch and his wife Marie Brinch’s honorary award is given to a younger scientist as an acknowledgment for outstanding scientific work in medicine, engineering or agricultural science.

 “Within only ten years Professor Torsten Dau has brought the level of research to the highest international level. At DTU we are very proud to have such a capacity in hearing research,” Henrik Wegener, Vice President at DTU, initiated the award ceremony.
“Torsten Dau has established the Centre for Applied Hearing Research, Hearing Systems, and the centre is now a central factor in hearing research and the hearing aid industry.
Torsten Dau is also in the process of building a world class laboratory for audio-visual research. Torsten Dau is both an experienced, enterprising and a younger scientist, a capacity which we are extremely proud to have at DTU.
With the honorary award follows 80.000 Danish Kroner to support your scientific work in the future,” said Vice President Henrik Wegener at the ceremony.

"Within only ten years Professor Torsten Dau has brought the level of hearing research to the highest international level"
Henrik Wegener, Vice President at DTU

From left Dean of Science John Renner Hansen from the Award Committee representing Science, Torsten Dau with his sons Fabian and Nikolai, Vice President at DTU Henrik Wegener and Professor MD Cardiologist Jesper Hastrup Svendsen from the Award Commitee representing Medicine.
Photo by Alexandre Chabot-Leclerc.

Colleagues and partners from DTU, representatives from the hearing aid industry, family and friends all congratulated Torsten Dau, who was honoured by the recognition:
“I am very proud that the Award Committee has selected me this year. It means a lot to me, because among the many tasks we have here at the University, it is in particular the opportunity to do research and contribute with new knowledge to society, which is the driving force in my work.
For that reason this recognition is very important to me, and I thank the Award Committee for this. Furthermore I would like to thank our institute Director Kristian Stubkjær for his great interest in the field of hearing research and hearing technology and for his input and inspiration in various matters.

From left: Director of DTU Elektro Kristian Stubkjær, Graham Nayler Senior Scientist at Eriksholm research Centre Oticon, Professor Torsten Dau, Nicolai Bisgaard Vice President at GN ReSound, Dean of Science John Renner HansenMorten Nordahn Innovation Process Manager at Widex, Professor MD Jesper Hastrup Svendsen, and Vice President at DTU Henrik Wegener. Photo by Katrine Krogh-Jeppesen.

I would also like to thank my colleagues and friends from the Danish hearing aid industry Oticon Widex and GN Resound, whose financial support has made it possible to build up our two centres Centre for Applied Hearing Research (CAHR) and now Oticon Centre of Excellence for Hearing and Speech Sciences (CHeSS). It is a unique collaboration with common ideas and visions despite the competition among us,” Torsten Dau concluded.

The Hearing Systems group celebrated the honorary award ceremony. Photo by Katrine Krogh-Jeppesen

Fabrikant Ulrik Brinch og hustru Marie Brinchs Legat

Manufacturer Ulrik Brinch was born on 9 March 1863 in Korsør, Denmark
He was manager at Kjøge (Køge) Brewery, director of Esbjerg Bavarian and White Beer Brewery. He conducted business in brewing articles and was co-owner of the firm Brinch and Spehr.

After his death in 1945, his wife Marie Brinch initiated a scholarship in honor of younger Danish scientists in medicine, engineering and agricultural science. The honor award was given for the first time on March 9 1970 and is distributed from the trust of a capital of 2, 4 million Danish Kroner if possible on March 9.

The idea was for the Award Committee to consist of the President of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) one member from the Medical Faculty at the University, and the Director of the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University (today Faculty of Science)
The Award Committee today consists of President of DTU Anders Bjarklev (Chairman and representing Technical Engineering) Dean of Science John Renner Hansen (representing Agricultural Science) and Professor MD Jesper Hastrup Svendsen (representing Medicine)

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