EUDP Project for Online WAsP to DTU Wind Energy

Friday 03 Jan 14


Ferhat Bingöl
DTU Wind

EMD International A/S

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EUDP Project of 5.2 million DKK granted to DTU Wind Energy in co-operation with EMD International A/S

The project is entitled 'Online WAsP for Small and Medium Size Wind Turbines'.

The wind resource studies for large wind farms entailed by WAsP and WindPRO are quite expensive, but represent a minor cost in the total investment of large scale (multi-MW) wind power projects. Furthermore the accurate use of the models in WAsP and WindPRO requires experience and insight in wind turbine meteorology, local on-site wind measurements and environmental impact modelling.

However, for many small and medium size wind turbine projects (SMWTs), up to 1MW, WAsP and WindPRO analyses are often considered to be too costly, but there is a growind demand for SMWTs for distributed power generation and thus this objective is to develop and demonstrate an inexpensive and user-friendly online version of a dedicated and focused subset of the models within WAsP and WindPRO for this specific segment.

The online WAsP has several advantages:

 - Low cost
 - The product will be specifically designed and tested/validated for SMWTs
 - No significant knowledge needed on digital mapping, wind atlases, turbine types, environmental, financial and risk analyses
 - No need to install or setup any software due to the web interface
 - Input interface for the user to insert own data.

The new online WAsP will be interesting for wind turbine developers and manufacturers, individual turbine owners, planning authorities/municipalities, consultancies and large scale project developers.

The project starts in the beginning of 2014 and ends in 2016.

Project co-ordinator is Ferhat Bingöl, Meteorology Section, DTU Wind Energy.

Partner: EMD International A/S



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