Rajan Ambat

Rajan Ambat new professor at DTU Mechanical Engineering

Wednesday 11 Dec 13


Rajan Ambat
DTU Construct
+45 45 25 21 81
At DTU Mechanical Engineering, Rajan Ambat has been appointed new professor at the Section of Materials- and Surface Engineering. He has taken up his post as professor 1th December.

Rajan Ambat’s basic focus of research is in “Corrosion and Surface Engineering”. His present research activities are focusing on climatic and corrosion reliability of electronic materials and systems, microstructure, corrosion, surface engineering of light aluminium alloys,  functionalized surfaces, and corrosion fatigue issues of steels.

In Rajan Ambat’s research group, activities further exploit localized electrochemical methods such as microelectrochemical approach, scanning kelvin probe force microscopy, chemical and spectroscopic methods, and high resolution electron microscopic techniques to elucidate mechanisms involving surface phenomenon.

Rajan Ambat’s research activities also include cross disciplinary work such as electrochemical, optical, and fluid flow modeling, and other material related aspects through extensive research collaborations within DTU and outside.

Rajan Ambat has also been active in many other areas, for example in relation to start-up companies, teaching and developing courses in materials and  building lab facilities for climatic reliability research. He has close collaborations with a number of industries in Denmark and outside through his research activities.

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