New Biosustain Magazine out now!

Wednesday 15 Jan 20
In this issue, we focus on how big data and new promising tools such as ALE contribute to the development of sustainable alternatives to petrochemical production.

Open the magazine and:

  • Learn how a tool called ALE can contribute to rapid improvements in industrial biotech.
  • Be fascinated by the role of eelgrass in paving the way for the production of sulfated phenolic compounds in cell factories.
  • Learn more about how researchers have engineered yeast to make fruity, milky flavours in a one step process. It even involves bat genes!
  • Explore the area of Life Cycle Assessments and maybe you get a more clear idea about whether a product can be deemed sustainable or not.
  • Take a tour inside Zymergen and discover how the company based on artificial intelligence, lab automation and genomics has become one of biotech's greatest success stories.




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