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New issue of Biosustain Magazine is out now

Monday 21 Jan 19
The third issue of Biosustain Magazine is now ready to be read and enjoyed.

Here are a few highlights from the magazine:

  • Dive into the fascinating world of the bacterium Pseudomonas putida to find out how it can be engineered to produce fluorinated compounds, such as pharma drugs, pesticides, polymers, non-stick coatings and refrigerants. 
  • Explore how anti-cancer drugs can be produced in yeast by mapping the biosynthetic pathways of the rare plant Indian snakeroot.
  • Go for an adventure in the jungle of software tools and find out how COBRApy and Python can save you tons of time in the lab.
  • Avoid getting punched in the face by using the antiSMASH-database to go on a treasure hunt for interesting bacterial metabolites.
  • Addicted? EnduroGenetics makes cells endure even more in fermentations, making them addicted to being productive. Learn more in Biosustain Magazine.

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