Dansk Keramisk Selskab

From waste to Value with the Danish Ceramic Society

Tuesday 03 Jun 14

DTU Energy Conversion is host when the Danish Ceramic Society June 12 has a thematic meeting with the topic "From waste to Value" in Niels Bohr Auditorium at DTU Risø Campus between 9:00 to 16:00 o’clock.

Here researchers and industrialists from the approx. 50 members, i.e. companies, individuals and research institutions under the Danish Ceramic Society meet to discuss a broad range of topics from recycling of rare earth elements over the incorporation of waste materials in the production of brick in Greenland and glass recycling in both packaging and foam glass to a more comprehensive discussion on the topic of sustainability.

Environmental sustainability or just 'sustainability' has over the years become a popular buzzword and key issue for politicians, businesses and consumers, but unfortunately it is also an ambiguous concept and an easy label to put on all kinds of products and activities without insurance of the associated environmental impacts. This makes it important for Danish Ceramic Society members who researches and/or engages in ceramic materials and processes to promote a mutual understanding of the concept of sustainability.

The members of the Ceramic Society are mainly engaged in technical ceramics such as electrical ceramics, fuel cells, ceramic superconductors and catalysts, and the purpose of the society and the biannual meetings is to strengthen the communication and cooperation between Danish industry and research.

Among the speakers at the thematic meeting are representatives from Technical University of Denmark, Rockwool International A/S, Aalborg University, Institute of Technology, University of Southern Denmark, Norconsult Denmark A/S and Ardagh Glass Holmegaard A/S.

Read more about the topics and sign up for the thematic meeting before the 6th June at the following link (in Danish)

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