New Biosustain Magazine out now

Friday 28 Jun 19
The fifth issue of Biosustain Magazine is now ready to be read and enjoyed. In this issue, you can read how biotechnology will benefit patients in the future, an exclusive interview with Nobel Prize laureate Frances Arnold and get some good advices from one of biotech’s greatest entrepreneurs. 

Open the magazine and:

  • Go on a wild roller-coaster ride with serial founder of more than 20 biotech companies Mathias Uhlén who was hours away from going bankrupt with one of his companies but were saved by a venture capitalist in the eleventh hour.
  • Explore how biotechnology can benefit patients now and in 20 years by using gene therapy, stem cell therapy and precision medicine.
  • Be inspired by Nobel Prize laureate Frances Arnold who went from being taxa-driver to protein pioneer and actually considered to pursue a diplomatic career when she was young.
  • Learn what software and puppies have in common. Hint: It has to do with love and care.

Find the magazine here:

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