Virtual Labs

Here you will find our portfolio of virtual laboratories. Explore the virtual simulations and learn new laboratory techniques without going to the physical lab.

Disclaimer: It is important to always consult a trained scientist/technician before doing the experiments in the lab for the first time, even if you have been training virtually. There might be some details you do not know about, and ways to handle the equipment, machinery etc., that have not been demonstrated in the virtual lab.

In the ChIP-exo lab, you will learn how to map the locations of transcription factors using chromatin immuno-precipitation.
Need to improve your skills in cell sorting? Then try the Fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS) lab.
Multiplex automated genome engineering (MAGE) simultaneously targets many locations on the chromosome.
The Uracil Specific Excision Reagent (USER) technology offers a time-efficient method for engineering big and complex plasmids.

>> The lab may take up to one minute to load, depending on your network connection.

>> For the best user experience, we recommend clearing the browser cache and closing other programs and browser windows.

>> For optimal performance use Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera. In Chrome and FireFox, the simulation will run in full-screen mode. Exiting full-screen mode will pause the simulation. Clicking Resume restarts the simulation at the same point.

>> The simulations do not work on iPhones, iPads or Android units.