About DTU PhD School

DTU Biosustain Phd school

A PhD qualifies the students that want to follow an academic path, but it is also a great asset for those who want to go into industry, become entrepreneurs or even a combination of the public and private sector.

It's well known that there is a lot of work in getting a PhD degree. Therefore, the PhD student’s network is crucial. At our PhD School, you will find a very engaged PhD club and administration eager to implement new ideas and eager to go that extra mile to help you.

- DTU Biosustain has its own PhD School called "CFB PhD School", which was established 1 January 2017
- The PhD School has more than 60 PhD students under the PhD Committee for Chemistry, Biotechnology and Engineering.
- CFB has allocated funds for a number of PhD Stipends in association with the activities conducted in our Research Sections and Research Groups. Vacant stipends will be posted under Current Vacancies.
- The PhD school is a part of the Copenhagen Bioscience PhD Programme. Every year until 2020, The Novo Nordisk Foundation's high-profile PhD fellowship programme named 'Copenhagen Bioscience PhD Programme' accepts new students.


Courses in Synthetic Biology

DTU PhD school offers the following courses in Synthetic Biology:

Bioengineering and Critical Thinking


Advanced Experimental Synthetic Biology for Cell Factories

PhD Seminars in Bioengineering and Synthetic Biology