Vision & Mission

The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability (DTU Biosustain) aims to be a worldwide leader in cell factories design, construction and deployment, and thus be a driver for change towards a biosustainable society. Hence, our vision, mission and objectives are as follows:

The Development of sustainable lifestyles requires efficient bio-manufacturing methods for chemical compounds and protein-based products.

DTU Biosustain will be a world leader in the design, construction and testing of cell factories by developing and perfecting foundational engineering approaches for bio-manufacturing.

1. Broaden the range of chemical compounds and protein-based products that can be bio-manufactured

2. Drive the costs and time of making industrially meaningful cell factories down to less than $20 Million in less than 2 years

3. Disseminate and translate key research and development accomplishments to facilitate socio-economic development resulting from bio-manufacturing

4. Develop and train the next generation of skilled personnel in various aspects of cell factories design