Vision, mission and objectives

We aim to be a worldwide leader in the design, construction and development of cell factories, and thus be a driver for change towards a biosustainable society. Hence, our vision, mission and objectives are as follows:

The development of sustainable lifestyles requires efficient big data generation and analysis of biological processes fundamental to all aspects of human life.

The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability will be a world leader in developing and perfecting big data generation and analytics for developing microbial genome-scale science, applying it to production strain design and addressing other fundamental issues of bio-sustainability.

We will continue to:
- Use a strain design workflow as an organising paradigm;
- Formulate and state quantitative performance indicators that will be used to guide the operations of the Centre;
- Build on the positive experience with interlocking research and development strengths at the Centre to manage technology platform developments and to pursue stated application areas;
- Focus on three major application areas:
1) sustainable chemicals
2) natural products
3) microbial foods
- Foster leadership at the Centre, based on an outstanding junior faculty;
- Hold a productive and synergistic role in the Danish biotechnology ecosystem.