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EasyClone vectors

EasyClone vector set for simultaneous integration of multiple genes with an option of recycling selection markers can be ordered from BCCM Collection. [Order] [Jensen et al, 2014]


EasyClone 2.0 vector set with dominant selection markers is available from AddGene. [Order] [Manual] [Stovicek et al, 2015]

 vector set for marker-less integration of genes into Saccharomyces cerevisiae via CRISPR-Cas9 is available upon request. Coming on AddGene. [Manual] [Jessop-Fabre & Jakočiūnas et al, 2016]

EasyCloneMulti vector set for simultaneous and multiple genomic integrations in S. cerevisiae is available upon request. The vector set will soon be available from AddGene. [Maury et al, 2016]

Contact: Irina Borodina