Translational Core

Translational Core

The Translational Core is a translational research and development unit focused on bio-process optimization and commercialization of bio-based products from ideation to first prototype production.

The objective of the Translational Core is to attract and collaborate on both academic research as well as industry-developed projects that fit the mission and vision of the Center. A full scoped assessment of collaboration projects with both challenging science and compelling business cases is performed to find the best fit for the mission.

The various Functional Units of the Core are capable to accelerate and develop cell-factories and bioprocesses to reach early commercial-level performance (TRL 5-7) in a short time frame. We apply industrial standards, mindset and workflow in an integrated and agile design-build-test-learn environment. The international and inter-disciplinary staff of the Core consists of technicians, engineers, natural scientists and business developers, many with industry career background.

The Translational Units employ a broad range of cutting edge technologies, including automated genome engineering and screening, metabolomics, advanced analytics, method and process development in analytics, bioreactors (scale-up/-down) as well as separation and purification technologies. We also support the commercial development of the project early on, through econometric modeling, market intelligence and IP generation.

We collaborate closely with the Centers competencies in Next-Generation Sequencing (Sequencing Core), Data Science and ModelingLab Automation Unit, and Commercialisation Unit. The Core’s capabilities are further strengthened by the excellent technology development and science sections at the Center, that cover a broad range of expertise on cell-factory design and construction, computational science, Protein research and molecular toolboxes.

Contact Translational Core

Andreas Worberg
Director Translational Core
DTU Biosustain
+45 93 51 89 00

Core Analytics Instruments

7 HPLC's
2 HPLC's with fraction collector
1 HPLC, SEC for proteins
2 GC-MS's (QqQ)
2 LC-MS's (QqQ)
1 LC-MS (LTQ for N-glycan analysis)
1 LC-MS (Orbitrap, Fusion)
1 LC-MS (HF-X for proteomics)
1 LC-MS (Qtrap)

Estimated purchases in 2019
3 LC-MS (QqQ)

IPC Analytics (PPP) Instruments

3 HPLC's
1 Kjeldahl
1 TOC Analyzer (not yet delivered)
1 Dual system HPLC (not yet delivered)