Translational Core

Pre-Pilot Plant

The Pre-Pilot Plant (PPP) is a translational research and development core section focused on bioprocess development and commercialisation of bio-based products from ideation to first prototype production.

The objective of the PPP is to attract and collaborate on both academic research as well as industry-developed projects that fit the mission and vision of the Center.

The various operational units of the PPP are capable to accelerate and develop cell-factories and bioprocesses to reach early commercial-level performance (TRL 5-7*) in a short period. We apply industrial standards, compliance, mindset and workflow in an integrated and agile design-build-test-learn environment. The international and interdisciplinary staff of the core consists of technicians, engineers and natural scientists, many with industry career background.

We employ a broad range of innovative technologies, including automation, bioinformatics solutions on design, data capture and monitoring, In-Process-Control analytics, various bioreactors for strain optimisation (e.g. Sartorius ambr® 250 platform) as well as in vivo scale-down/-up to 150L volume. The downstream development is equipped with various unit operations from laboratory scale to pilot scale (up to 200kg). It includes solid-liquid separation, various filtration, liquid-liquid separation, evaporation, multiple chromatography columns, crystallisation etc. We rely on excellent partnerships of technology providers who have decades of production and manufacturing experience – The Pre-Pilot Plant provides scalable solutions, which can be implemented at industrial scale.

We operate with customer feedback, product specifications and “the-end-in-mind” under BSL1, non-GMP, no ATEX conditions.

* Technology readiness levels (TRL); Extract from Part 19 - Commission Decision C(2014)4995" (PDF). 2014. Retrieved 11 November 2019




Upstream Processing

Milica Randelovic
Senior Fermentation Engineer
DTU Biosustain
+45 93 51 35 71

Downstream Processing

Minkle Jain
Senior Organic Chemist
DTU Biosustain
+45 21 79 91 25

IPC Analytics

Gossa Garedew Wordofa
Senior Biochemical Engineer
DTU Biosustain
+45 93 51 12 85

Contact Pre-Pilot Plant

Andreas Worberg
Chief Commercial Officer
DTU Biosustain
+45 93 51 89 00

Core Analytics Instruments

7 HPLC's
2 HPLC's with fraction collector
1 HPLC, SEC for proteins
2 GC-MS's (QqQ)
2 LC-MS's (QqQ)
1 LC-MS (LTQ for N-glycan analysis)
1 LC-MS (Orbitrap, Fusion)
1 LC-MS (HF-X for proteomics)
1 LC-MS (Qtrap)

Estimated purchases in 2019
3 LC-MS (QqQ)

IPC Analytics (PPP) Instruments

1 HPLC (dual)
1 Spectrophotometer
1 Total organic carbon and nitrogen measurement
1 Total Kjehdahl Nitrogen measurement
1 Digester
1 Melting- and boiling point determination

Upstream Processing Equipment

1 Microfluidic Microbioreactor (2.4mL)
24 Autmated Multi-Parallel Bioreactors (250mL)
12 Fermenter (1L)
2 Fermenter (5L)
2 Fermenter (30L)
1 Fermenter (100L)
1 Growth Profiler
1 Microbial Cell Counter
1 BioWelder

Downstream Processing Equipment - Lab scale

1 Rotary Evaporator
1 Membrane Filtration System
2 Jacketed Reactor (100mL and 1L)

Downstream Processing Equipment - Pilot scale

1 Disc-Stack Centrifuge
1 Rotary Evaporator
1 Spray Dryer
1 Homogenizer
1 Liquid-Liquid Extraction
1 Chromatography Column
1 Membrane Filtration System
1 Cleaning-In-Place Unit