Lab Automation

Automation and workflows (AutoFlow) team is responsible for automation and workflow optimization for cell factory construction, high-throughput screening, and omics data generation activities at DTU Biosustain.

1) Cell factory construction: We have implemented automated version of the USER cloning and CasEMBLR protocols on a Hamilton Vantage liquid handler.  The workflows provide researchers the ability to construct combinations of genes and promoters on a plasmid or integrated directly into the genome.

2) High throughput screening: We are implementing a custom 96 well high throughput screening system on a Tecan Evo liquid handler.  The workflow allows researchers the ability to measure growth rates, metabolite uptake and secretion rates, and obtain samples for metabolomics, fluxomics, proteomics or transcriptomics in up to six 96-well plates per day.

3) Sample processing for omics studies: We have implemented and developed various analytical sample handling protocols for metabolomics and fluxomics analysis on a Hamilton Vantage liquid handler.  The workflow covers almost all sample and reagent handling steps required to run a metabolomics or fluxomics experiment.

AutoFlow team also works with other Informatics teams to develop software solutions for automated data capture and processing.


Douglas McCloskey
DTU Biosustain
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