Computer Aided Design

The interdisciplinary computer-aided design (CAD) team composed of computational biologists and software engineers aims at putting computational models of production hosts at the fingertips of bench biologists to facilitate data- and model-driven cell factory engineering. 

For this purpose, the team is developing a web-based CAD platform for cell factory design similar to CAD software routinely used in other engineering disciplines, for example, AutoCAD in civil engineering. Furthermore, the team is actively working on software to bridge computer-aided design (CAD) and manufacturing (CAM) of cell factories with the ultimate goal of fully automating the implementation of cell factory designs in the physical world.

Popular software products the team is developing:

Caffeine: a web-based platform for data- and model-driven strain design (developed as part of the Horizon 2020 project

Memote: a software suite for community-driven metabolic model tests

Cameo: a Python library for computer aided metabolic engineering and optimization

Cobrapy: a Python library for genome-scale metabolic modeling


Nikolaus Sonnenschein
Senior Researcher
DTU Biosustain
+4521 79 89 22