Scientific Sections

The Research Sections are the core of our research activities, led by world-class scientists in the different areas of interest to DTU Biosustain, namely covering metabolic engineering and synthetic biology of bacteria, yeast and CHO cells.

Research Sections

Scientific Directors

Synthetic Biology Tools for Yeast
Jay D. Keasling
New Bioactive Compounds Sang Yup Lee
Network Reconstruction in Silico Biology Bernhard Palsson
High Throughput Molecular Bioscience Mathias Uhlen
Yeast Cell Factories Jens Nielsen
CHO Cell Line Engineering and Design Gyun Min Lee
Big Data 2 Knowledge Bernhard Palsson
Bacterial Synthetic Biology Morten Sommer

Quantitative Modelling of Cell Metabolism

Lars K. Nielsen

DNA Foundry  Ryan Gill


Jens Nielsen
Scientific Director
DTU Biosustain