Synthetic Biology Tools for Yeast

In Synthetic Biology Tools for Yeast (SBTY) we focus on accelerating rational strain building and current labor-intensive trial and error engineering. Further, we focus on providing more tools for high-throughput screening of cell factories.

In order to accelerate rational strain building we design, assemble and characterize synthetic regulatory DNA parts and develop targeted multiplex genome editing tools for one-step biological transformation of cell factories.

To speed selection of best-performing cell factories we also develop biosensors for both small-molecule production and optimal precursor supplies required for bio-based chemical production.

Watch this video to learn more about the work being done in this Section:


All projects are aimed towards global industrial needs within design, build and screening of new yeast cell factories.


  • Small-molecule biosensors for high-throughput screening of cell factories 
  • Robust yeast cell factories with optimized precursor supply 
  • Targeted multiplex genome editing systems 
  • DNA parts characterization and synthetic promoters for industrial fermentation



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Scientific Director
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DTU Biosustain
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