Research Groups

DTU Biosustain's research groups have an applied approach on topics aiming at becoming future Core projects. 

The projects act as a career development opportunity for young highly skilful scientists at the Center – tomorrows leaders in cell factory design.

 Current Research Projects at DTU Biosustain:

Bacterial Cell Factory Optimization Headed by Prof. Alex T. Nielsen
Bacterial Signal Transduction
Headed by Prof. Ivan Mijakovic
Biomass Conversion and Bioprocess Technology Headed by Dr. Solange Mussatto
Infection Microbiology Headed by Dr. Søren Molin
Systems Environmental Microbiology
Headed by Dr. Pablo Ivan Nikel
Microbial Evolution and Synthetic Biology Headed by Dr. Morten Nørholm
Yeast Metabolic Engineering
Headed by Dr. Irina Borodina


Jens Nielsen
Scientific Director
DTU Biosustain