Automation Unit

The Automation group is part of the iLoop Core at DTU Biosustain. It mainly supports the other iLoop groups but also all other sections with an automation reuirement. From equipment selection to implementation, we use our expertise to ensure the center has the best adapted, cutting edge automated solutions for specific task demanded. Our platforms are capable of communicating with each other; the goal being to minimize human intervention between processes.

Within iLoop, we provide support to Genome Engineering and Screening & Fermentation teams.

  • Genome Engineering team(GE):

    We use a Hamilton Vantage™-based Cloning platform capable of constructing plasmids using biobricks, vectors and promoters, insert these into E.coli and Yeast strains, plate them to agar and pick colonies for PCR.

  • Screening and Fermentation team(SF):

    We have a number of different platforms performing the various tasks which support the SF group.

  • A Tecan Evo™-based Screening robot can be used to verify the productiveness of the designed strains in high throughput. Up to 4600 different strains can be grown in parallel and samples can be prepared for the Analytical group.

  • A Hamilton Vantage™-based cultivation robot, which can monitor growth and keep constant track of culture media pH and dissolve oxygen level.

  • Two Adaptive Laboratory Evolution (ALE) platforms, also Tecan Evo™-based, which are used to force strains to adapt to various stress conditions, such as high temperature, toxic chemicals, pH changes, etc.

    In addition, one DTU Biosustain section gets support from Automation:

  • Section for New Bioactive Compounds (NBC):

When the NBC decided to automate the Co-ALE assay, the Automation got involved. The result of this collaboration is the Co-ALE robot, based on a Molecular Devices Qpix™ 460 coupled to a Thermo Scientific™ F5 robot. This platform performs agar to agar colony picking as well as inoculation from liquid cultures. The goal being to evolve and identify strains producing effective antibiotics.


Olivier Bitterlin
Robots Janitor
DTU Biosustain
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Jerome Maury
Senior Researcher
DTU Biosustain
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