Encouraging and supporting innovation internally at DTU Biosustain is an important task for BD Group.
More specifically, this is done by:

  • Stimulating entrepreneurship, innovation and development of new technologies within DTU Biosustain and securing necessary patent protection of the resulting intellectual property.
  • Ensuring that DTU Biosustain research results are made widely available by serving as a dynamic bridge from laboratory to industry to make certain that new technologies are translated into beneficial products and services.
  • Providing market analyses on both chemicals and pharmaceuticals as part of project initiation.
  • Evaluating new inventions made by the researchers of DTU Biosustain.
  • Driving and coordinating IP process, IP portfolio and IP strategies and assisting with IP advice.
  • Assisting with and coordinating legal agreement work for the scientists.
  • Licensing DTU Biosustain technologies, projects and products to strong and effective partners.
  • Identification of company spin-out opportunities (products/technologies) and seek funding for these via national and international investors.
  • Identifying and building research collaborations with industry around DTU Biosustain initiated applied research projects or more basic and technology driven research projects with universities.


Jens William Kindtler
Chief Business Officer
DTU Biosustain
+45 20 48 90 49
22 JUNE 2018