Collaboration & licensing

Collaboration & Licensing

The BD group is the industry’s link to DTU Biosustain's various technologies, projects and products available for licensing and available services. The BD Group establishes research collaborations, license agreements and new ventures with the goal of building enduring, mutually beneficial partnerships with industry. The BD Group strives to make the deal-making process as efficient and effective as possible, providing a solid foundation for strong, enduring relationships with our industrial partners.

The BD Group is responsible for:

Granting licenses for patented inventions to existing and start-up companies that are capable, technically and financially, of developing early-stage technology into commercially successful products.

Partnering with companies or universities in a collaborative, win-win manner to develop and deploy new technology

Being industry’s point of access to DTU Biosustain technologies, projects, products and services.

The BD Group actively promotes entrepreneurship and encourages the formation of new ventures around technologies arising from DTU Biosustain. The BD group seeks funding for such ventures from investors who bring credibility, experience and expertise to the table. DTU Biosustain grants licenses and take equity in start-up companies to develop early-stage technology into commercially successful products.

The BD Group works towards developing creative solutions benefiting all parties in the development partnership.



Jens William Kindtler
Chief Business Officer
DTU Biosustain
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