Screening and Fermentation Unit

The Screening and Fermentation Unit is one of the four basic groups of the DTU Biosustain Core Facility (iLoop). The equipment and expertise of our group mainly supports iLoop projects but is also accessible for other sections thus providing support regarding fermentation and physiological characterization of microbial cell factories to the entire center.

Integration of the Screening and Fermentation Unit within the iLoop and the CFB and workflow within the group. 

Our primary focus is on screening and testing new cell factories generated by either the Genome Engineering Unit or other Scientific Sections within our center. Therefore, we are equipped with an automated platform based on a Tecan Evo liquid handling station allowing us to perform high-throughput automated screens in the µL scale.

A Hamilton Vantage platform with an integrated 2mag bioreactor48 block is used for parallel intermediate characterization in the mL scale applying both, batch or fed-batch conditions. Besides, a custom made continuous cultivation system is utilized for physiological studies in the mL scale. Larger scale testing, physiological characterization and fermentation optimization are carried out in 1 and 5 L stirred tank reactors.

Two additional customized Teacan Evo platforms are accessible for automated adaptive laboratory evolution experiments.

In close collaboration with the Analytics Unit system, wide analyses of cell factories are carried out by applying metabolite profiling and fluxome studies that are both accompanied by ongoing method development in those areas.

Hamilton Vantage based mL scale cultivation system.

1 L stirred tank reactors.             Tecan Evo plate based screening setup.


Konstantin Schneider
Senior Researcher
DTU Biosustain
+45 30 56 98 50


Adam Feist
Senior Researcher and Co-PI
DTU Biosustain
+45 21 79 88 66